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F E S T I V A L S 


Hot Springs Film Festival

Thursday October 14, 8:15pm

Friday October 15, 10am


Raindance Film Festival

Monday September 28 at 6:20pm


Trindie Film Festival

Sunday September 26th at 1pm

*Best Documentary Award Winner*


Catalina Film Festival

Saturday September 25th, 10am


LA Shorts 

Thursday September 10th, 1pm


Cambridge Film Festival

Monday September 7th, 9pm


Portland Film Festival

Wednesday September 2nd, 4:45PM


Melbourne International Film Festival

Saturday August 8th, 11:00AM

Saturday August 15th, 11:00AM


Pali High - Mercer Hall

Saturday June 13, 2:00PM


Lighthouse Film Festival

Sunday June 7th, 1:15PM

Dances With Films Festival

Tuesday June 2nd, 2:45PM


Newport Beach Film Festival

Monday April 27, 5:30PM

Sarasota Film Festival

Monday April 13, 2:00PM

Wednesday April 15, 12:15PM






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