Cast & Bios
TIM KELLER is a professional writer, photographer, and high school English teacher in Raton, New Mexico.
TERRY KELLER is a teacher who lives in Pacific Palisades and plays a little guitar.
PETER BURG is a songwriter and professional musician. He lives in Rye, Colorado.
SUZANNE (SUZI ROWLAND)LEVIN is a real estate broker/ investor and surfs daily from her home in Solana Beach, CA.
WENDY (BEARER)BULL lives in Eastern Oregon with her husband and two daughters. She is a substitute teacher and loves photography, Harley riding, and winter sports. 
DONNA (CASH) HARRIS is enjoying her retirement with tennis, yoga, bicycling, hiking swimming, and travel. She lives and plays in San Diego.
COLLEEN (BOYD) TURNER, PhD, LT Col, USAFR, Retired is looking forward to teaching her granddaughter how to surf.
TOD BURTON is a former actor and Ford model. He owns Burton and Associates, a real estate and mortage brokerage in Carlsbad, CA.
RIC BURGESS lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife and daughter. He owns Ric Burgess Pools.
CHRIS PICCIOLO was in many skateboard and surfing competitions. He fell out of touch with friends and family while battling drug addiction through his life. 
DON Burgess is an Academy Award nominated cinematographer. He is married with three children, four grandchildren, and lives in Pacific Palisades, CA. 
Full Palisades Skateboard Team
Barry Blenkhorn Williams, Scott Blenkhorn, Colleen (Boyd) Turner, PhD, Lt Col, USAFR, Retired, Peter Burg, Don Burgess, Ric Burgess, Donna Cash Harris, Jerry Giancola, Kevin Jones, Terry Keller, Tim Keller, Chris Picciolo, Rick Purcell, Suzie Rowland Levin, Burke Murphy, Shane Murphy